Learn new words

by watching movies in a foreign language.

Kontext helps you understand your show better and allows you to quickly save expressions you want to remember.

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How it works

Provides you accurate translations in context
Lets you bookmark subtitle lines with a simple tap
Sends you the saved lines in an email after the movie
Works with services like Netflix or movies downloaded from torrent

How to use

1. Choose your native language

78 languages are supported, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, but even Hungarian, Kazakh, and Swedish.

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2. Search for your movie

We use OpenSubtitles.org to fetch your subtitle files. Don't worry, more than 4.5 million subtitles are available on this site.

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3. Select two subtitles

You have to select one in the chosen foreign language and another one in your native language to let us sync them together.

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4. Start the movie

You can play the movie using any device you want, but you have to start the subtitles in our web application at the same time.

It's not that hard, c'mon
5. Save a line

When you hear a new word or expression, press the bookmark icon, and we will send you the translation in context later.

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6. Open the translation

If you don't mind the distraction, you can also check the translation of the current subtitle line while you are watching the movie.

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